Q: “What if my child has a learning disability?”
A: If your child attends a mainstream classroom in a public school, your child can likely attend Champions Academy. However, you should note that not every Champions teacher has a special education certification. Also, while all our teachers and coaches receive training in general first aid, there is no licensed nurse on staff to distribute medications. Specific concerns should be discussed with our Academy Director.

Q: “What subjects are covered during the academic portion of the day?”
A: Students will spend one hour each day in the following academic subject areas: Math, Language Arts and Science. As well as 20 minutes of independent reading each day. Additionally, instructors work to weave poetry, art and music throughout the curriculum.

Q: “Will there be an orientation before the Academy begins?”
A: Champions Academy requires that students and parents attend at least one Open House event prior to the program start date. The Open House provides the opportunity to meet teachers and coaches, ask questions, tour the campus, pick up uniforms and receive important program information. Registered families will receive these dates well in advance.

Q: “If I can’t pay the full tuition up front, can I do a payment plan?”
A: Yes! Registration begins with a minimum, non-refundable $50 deposit.You will receive your tuition amount as you complete the income portion of the registration form. You may then begin making payments through our website. Your full tuition must be received by June 15 in order to receive uniforms and begin the program.