Anthony Jordan


If it wasn’t for the power of sports teams and the coaches and teachers surrounding him, The Contingent President, Anthony Jordan, would not have broken through the cycle of poverty. Outside of his gang involvement, the only adult men who could speak into Anthony’s life were coaches, mentors and teachers. Between Donnie Mcpherson (teacher and coach) and Kenny Washington (YL Mentor), these two men challenged him to change. Anthony began coaching young people in 1994 and left his job at Self Enhancement Inc. in 1997 to serve as a Director of Portland Central Young Life. Anthony co-founded The Contingent in 2009, where he serves as President. Most important to Anthony is coaching and mentoring young athletes. He is known to say, “20 years from now, it won’t be about wins or losses. I want to know, will these young men and women be wonderful fathers and mothers, great husbands and wives, and productive citizens in our city?”

Lionel Gay

Mentor Coordinator & Director of Athletics

Lionel Gay was a perfect fit to join the full-time staff in 2016 as Champions Academy Mentor Coordinator. He began his service journey in 2002 as a Freshman with Young Life as a student leader at Jefferson HS. By his senior year, Lionel became a middle school head leader with Wyld Life and through that service, his passion, his heart to influence and help youth was fully ignited. In 2009 Lionel transitioned his service to The Contingent through his deep relationship with President, Anthony Jordan. Through continued volunteer service and support with The Contingent.

Montse Ramos

Administrator & Volunteer Coordinator