Champions must be:

  • Passionate about learning
  • Excited to grow and compete in athletics and life
  • Eager to be a part of a diverse community
  • Willing to step out of their comfort zones
  • Committed to serving those around them

Scholarship A Champ

Athletic Scholarship
$40/MONTH Or one time gift of $480

How do you recruit an athlete to give up their un-guided summer break? Create a community of desire!

Athletes love to compete with their friends. Your scholarship will ensure that each day in the summer, the Champions Academy will promise top-level athletic training for students from all ages.

The Champ you sponsor will choose two focus sports and receive six weeks of focused training in those fundamentals. Champs don’t stay idle in the summer. Champs experience the joy of play!

Academic Scholarship
$750 Academic Scholarship

Why is the Champions Academy so critical?

Data demonstrates that far too many students in our city aren’t competing academically. We are convinced that the Champions Academy must set a high bar where diverse student athletes will be challenged to grow academically throughout the summer. Our goal is to ensure Champs are best prepared to enter their next grade in the Fall.

Your generosity in setting up an academic scholarship for a Champ will ensure we are able to recruit Portland’s most gifted teachers who have a passion for education and multicultural student athletes. Champs will spend each morning in three 55-minute academic sessions.

Full Scholarship
$1,500 Full Scholarship

What does success look like for a Champ?

Our vision is to create a holistic, culturally responsive learning community that produces Champions – students prepared to lead in the classroom, on the field, in the city and in life.

A full scholarship for a Champ ensures they not only have a positive academic and athletic experience in the summer, but each Champ will also be matched with a
yearlong mentor.

We are developing Champs for life, and we’d love for you and your family to invest personally and financially in the future leaders of our community!

Miscellaneous Donation
You Choose the Amount

We are hard at work recruiting student-athletes. One-by-one, we are inviting student athletes to enroll.

Our goal is to enroll 180 Champs, 3rd through 10th grade. The largest barrier for most student athletes is the cost of tuition. The full tuition for six weeks at the Champions Academy is $1,500. We would love to be able to offer potential Champs the opportunity to enroll in the Champions Academy by offering them a scholarship.

This is where you and your family come in. Would you consider starting a scholarship to empower a student athlete to enroll in the Champions Academy?

Full Scholarship Covers

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Scholastic Materials

Scholastic Materials

Sports Training

Sports Training


2 Meals per Day


2 Uniforms per Year