Our hope is to make the advantages of the Champions Academy available to any student who desires to become a champ. For this reason we offer a Sliding Scale Tuition, designed to increase access and give families the opportunity to pay according to their demonstrated need.

It is very important to us that concerns about tuition costs not keep your family from registering at the Champions Academy.

Tuition rates range from $0 to $1,500 and are determined through assessing family financial information, with the goal of making the cost for each child’s education more equitable. Tuition includes the entire six-week academic and athletic program materials, two uniforms (shirts and shorts) and breakfast and lunch daily.

The Champions Academy is trying to keep the cost of tuition affordable for all families in alignment with their income and finances. Champions Academy tuition is offset by the generosity of families who have set-up scholarship funds but we also have other financing options for those who are not eligible for a scholarship (visit websites like for more information).
Learn more about the Champions Academy scholarship fund